Solihull Nursery

Manager: Danielle Tuohy-Hewitt       Deputy Manager: Terri Outram

Solihull Nursery Ofsted Link:

Set in a purpose-built building in the Solihull area of Birmingham, the nursery has become an exciting and inspirational place for both children and adults alike.

Strong attachments and close observation of children enable our practitioners to plan personalised activities for children, paying particular attention to the children’s current interests, ensuring that children are engaged and having fun whilst progressing through their milestones.

Practitioners at Solihull have a high standard of knowledge of the areas of learning and a clear understanding of how children learn. The team have high expectations of how quickly children learn and are there to encourage, enable and support children as opposed to directing and setting children’s learning. Practitioners provide rich, varied and imaginative experiences for children in an environment where children are confident, happy and able to manage their own learning experiences.

Child 1st Solihull also has strong relationships with other professionals to ensure that we service the whole community and surrounding areas as well as supporting individual family’s needs.

We have expanded our range of equipment to promote physical development and risk taking. We have built a climbing frame using tyres, a climbing and balancing area from logs and a further ‘obstacle’ area also made from tyres. All of these contribute to the development of balancing, climbing, running, jumping, negotiating space, going up, down, over, under etc… All whilst accessing risk in a controlled environment.

As well as physical development and understanding risk Child 1st Solihull offers extra activities   to all children. External professionals come in every week and offer Forest School, French, Music and Yoga.

Child 1st has highly effective partnerships with parents, external agencies such as Speech and Language, Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS) etc. and other providers such as childminders and schools. It is because of these effective partnerships that children’s needs are quickly identified and met.

Our induction process is based on parent’s views and comments. We listen to our parents and their knowledge of their children. We offer flexible inductions which fit in with the child as opposed to the child and family fitting into our nursery routines.

Combining our spacious and challenging outdoor space, where the children plant and grow their own food, and our on-site chef providing a nutritious menu, along with our enthusiastic staff team Solihull really is a nursery that is dedicated to the holistic development of children.

For more information about our day care nursery in Solihull and to book a tour, call us on 0121 788 8148 or email us at today.